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Tattoo Training Syllabus / Tattoo Course Content

Tattoo making course at ‘Inkman Tattoo Studios’ consists of both theory and practical sessions. Each & every student here gets personal attention as we don’t carry batches in a group. We do only one-to-one sessions with our students. Our course is purely based on syllabus basis & not on time limit. So the time duration of  a tattoo course varies from student to student. 

  • Introduction to complete tattoo making syllabus
  • Basic fundamentals of drawing and sketching
  • The importance and value of art in tattooing
  • Actual drawing and sketching lessons so that you will be able to make custom tattoo designs for the clients.
  • Introduction to the art of tattooing
  • Introduction & understanding of the tattoo machine/equipment.
  • Understanding the different types of tattoo machines
  • Complete understanding of the process, how tattooing is actually performed
  • Understanding the different types of tattoo needles
  • Complete knowledge of shadows/lights in drawing and tattooing
  • Introduction to the hygienic process and how it should be followed
  • Basic tattoo machine setup and tuning
  • Tattooing experience on artificial skin
  • Actual tattooing experience on lining, color filling, shading, detailed tattooing, portrait tattoos.
  • Tattooing on live skin

And, most importantly, PRACTICE!!  Practice makes man perfect.

Tattoo Training Course will be held under the guidance of professional tattoo artist. The main advantage of joining our tattoo classes will be that, you will be learning tattooing from a very experienced professional tattooer who also has deep knowledge in the field of art. We also give include tattoo studio marketing sessions at the end of our course so that it becomes easy for our students to get the knowledge of how the tattoo industry works in India especially in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru.

Upon successful completion of the tattoo course you will be able to design and make creative tattoos according to the requirements of the client. We also help our students in opening their own tattoo studio if he/she opts for it.

Tattoo Kit will be provided by us if you opt for both Basic & Advanced Course.

For more details, please contact/WhatsApp us on +91-8082578932

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