How to take care of a new tattoo

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How to care for a new tattoo

Healing of the tattoo is the final stage of your art piece. The advice and opinions given are endless, and there are more professionals who suggest how to take care of the tattoo. But, since we guarantee our work, we ask you to follow our tattoo artist’s advice rather than any other person/media who has made 2-3 tattoos.

A tattoo ideally takes 8 to 15 days to get healed depending upon the body, style, type, size and placement. But, the truth is it takes around 1 month to get fully healed below the surface of the skin.

Do not follow any advice told by your friends and family.  We are professional tattooers and the proper healing of your tattoo is very important for us.

Remove the bandage (plastic wrap) immediately after reaching home or after 1-2 hours. Do not wrap your tattoo again!

A&D ointment is what most of the tattoo artists will ask you to apply on your tattoo in healing process. It starts healing your tattoo but also has some side effects. If you use it for extended period of time, it can produce and adverse reaction from overdosing due to the skin absorbing too much of the active ingredients. The skin can become rash or pimply. If this happens, stop immediately! If you are using A&D ointment, we suggest you to use it for around 10 days and then switch to other ointment as recommended by our tattoo artists.

After removing the bandage, clean your tattoo with an antiseptic lotion & apply a thin layer of non-scented anti-bacterial ointment as suggested by your tattoo artist.

While cleaning your tattoo with antispectic lotion, just pat it and DO NOT rub the tattoo. Let it be dry and open when you are at home or office. Your tattoo needs to breathe. In this process, you will feel itching sensation around your tattoo. Please DO NOT scratch the tattoo, it will damage the quality of your tattoo.

Apply the ointment 2-3 times a day until the scales of tattoo are not removed. Also, scales of tattoo should be gone naturally and one should not remove it by hand. Once the tattoo scales are removed, you can stop using the ointment.

You should cover you tattoo from direct sunlight, sweat, water, dust. You can use small piece of cloth or wear full sleeve clothes to cover your tattoo when you are travelling. Otherwise, your tattoo should be kept open in home/offices.

We suggest not to exercise/gym, swimming for around 10 to 15 days after getting a tattoo for better results. Also, they should not go to water parks & swimming or any other place where their tattoo gets in contact with water or chemicals.

Artists from Sir J. J. School of Fine Art, Mumbai
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