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Inkman Tattoo Studios is a custom tattoo studio located in Thane (Mumbai) & was founded in 2007 under our old name ‘The Nomads Tattoo Studio’.

Tattoos live forever and hence when made should from the best tattoo artists.

We at Inkman Tattoo Studios, guarantee you that every work done here is full of good quality as we give all our expertise to fulfill the work in a very spectacular way. 


Both Kartik & Manisha were very enthusiastic about the drawings & paintings since childhood. 

Hence, they completed their degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) from Sir J. J. School of Fine Art, Mumbai which is the best institution in Mumbai to learn in the field on arts and probably the best in India.

We also have our 2nd branch in Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh).  All the tattooing done in Ujjain is purely on appointment basis.

We believe in giving high quality service to our customers in a very pleasant, hygienic and friendly environment. We use top quality sterilized equipment for tattooing.  As most of the Tattoo Artists in Mumbai are not from the arts field, they lack the imagination & creativity power which is a must for getting a Custom Tattoo.  We also create tattoos which are more suiting to your personality based on your life.

Artists from Sir J. J. School of Fine Art, Mumbai
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